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Innovative Technology Concept


Client Microsoft
Year 2020
Type Innovative Technology Concept
For most people, driving has been an integral part of their life. But as they grow older, they run a risk of losing this freedom to Dementia. It becomes potentially dangerous for them to drive as they might suddenly lose their bearings, memory or suffer panic attacks. Microsoft CardioLens is the breakthrough technology which has the ability to scan faces and detect changes in heartbeats, pulse rate, stress level etc. To ensure they don’t completely lose their right to drive, we optimise and adapt this scanner in the car’s systems. If a person at risk of Dementia sits in the car, the lens with scan their faces and check if the driver is completely conscious and in focus. If the lens detects a high level of confusion or anxiety, it will prevent the Car from starting. It’ll additionally ask the driver to stop the car on the side of the road, meanwhile alerting the authorities with their location for assistance. Dementia is a complex condition with many levels and affecting many adults, just because they might be at risk, doesn’t mean they should lose their freedom.


Creative Technologist: Sukratti Jain

Creative Technologist: Paras Juneja

Art Director: Shadab Wajih 

Copywriter: Riya Dosani